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3DBUZZ - XNA Xtreme 101 Class Projects
by PHD
Here are a collection of my 3DBUZZ XNA Xtreme 101 Class Projects.

Each link is a .rar file containing the executable and required resourses to run the program.

The files were built using Microsoft C# Visual Studio - with the XNA studio (refresh) extensions.

Some later versions were build using XNA studio 2.0, and require the XNA 2.0 redistributable upgrade.

The executables required the Microsoft .NET 2.0 distribution installed in order to run.

After downloading each RAR files, extract them (including directories) to a separate directory

Then simply run the .exe file in that directory.

(The projects are now listed in reverse order, so the latest project developed is listed first.)
Project Executable Download Links
Laser Bikes (v1.0)

This is my version of the Laser Bikes game.

I've combined the Laser Bikes style with
various Speeder Bikes to create Laser Speeder Bikes.

The game is for up to Four players (Squads).
Each squad can be configured to set the type
of speeder bike to use.

Each player starts on auto pilot, until the
the players controller takes over.
Any player may choose to use the keyboard -
after all other players have control.

The are a few additional power ups, including
a medi-pack for new lives and a Laser
power pack allowing a limited number of laser
shot from the bike.

The winner is the Squad that survives!

See readme.txt files for full details.
Hope you enjoy.

For comments goto :-
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Battle Blocks (v1.0)

This is my version of the Battle Blocks game.

This builds on the simpler Pong game
presented in Knowledge Review 8.
You can play as a single player against the
computer or use a second controller or use
the keyboard for two player mode.

Both players start as computer controlled,
until picked up by using the player controls.

The are a few additional power ups, including
new lives, a tunnel to pass under the wall,
and a shunting barrier which move the wall
closer to the opponent.

Hope you enjoy.

For comments goto :-
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Memory Master (v1.2)

This is my version of the Memory Master game.

I've added a front menu system, with 3
different difficulty levels (Easy, Hard & Song).
I've added a HUD to the main game screen, and
a scoring system with a high-score table.

The song mode reads a SongSequence.xml
file with a simple format to enter new songs.
There a five voices that can be assigned,
followed by the Notes of a C-Scale:

   A to G plus H to represent Top-C, followed
   by a number (1-9) to adjust the interval
   between notes to allow a more tuneful sequence.
   A space can be used between Note Pairs
   to help separate the sequence or specify bars.

Hope you enjoy.

For comments goto :-
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Precision (v1.2)

This is my winning entry for the Precision contest.

It builds on the Precision game presented
in the XNA Class at the end of Volume II.

I have updated most of the graphics,
apart from the nanite probe itself
(since that looked pretty cool as it was).
Controls are via Mouse or XBox Controller.
See included ReadMe.txt file for instructions.

I've added 3 new powerups, a High score
table, and some sound effects.

For comments goto :-
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Pong (v1.0)

This is my solution to Knowledge Review 8,
to reproduce a Pong game.

It uses custom graphics, adding a Title Screen,
winning conditions, and an extra surprise.

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VTM Index (v1.15)

Index files : XNA_Volume_II_69_130.rar
Extract this to a directory with .avi files 69 to 130,
and run the "organise.bat" file to rename and
organise the .avi files into the Index structure.

This is a utility that can be used to Generate an
Index for a series of videos (VTMs), enabling the
user to create custom headings and descriptions.

The user can also create a series of Cue Points
for each video to allow specific points to be
marked for easy access. These cue points can also
have associated headings and descriptions.

Extract the the VTM Index to the top level
of a directory tree of videos, and it will search
through all directories for .avi files, and generate
the initial index. For each .avi file found an
associated .xml file is created to hold the index

Use the View->Options to adjust the Index root
directory, and other custom options, including the
skin directory and custom colours. New version
allows resizing, with all the custom settings
saved in an options.xml file.

The "Read-Only" mode is available to prevent the
generation and update of the .xml files, and can be
useful when searching Read-Only devices (CD/DVD Roms).

For comments goto :-
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Cannon3 (Complete)    or
Cannon3 (v1.1)
   +   Cannon3_Textures (v1.0)
   +   Cannon3_Audio (v1.0)

This is my version of the Cannon_3 project.
The first download link is for a single download.
Alternatively, the second set of links are split into
3 parts, to make it easier to update the game executable.
You need to download all parts, and extract them
to the same directory.

This is a full XNA game, with a complete overhaul
of the graphics, and game play.
A scoring and level system is in place, with
multiple targets, and projectiles.
This is a much larger extension to the original
Cannon_3 project as presented in the 3DBUZZ
XNA Class Volume I.

For comments goto :-
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Cannon_2 (v1.0)

This is the standard Cannon_2 project.
Updated to use custom graphics, reusing the
graphics from Cannon_1.
From the outside it doesn't look much different,
but the underlying code has been restructured
as a bridge towards a full XNA game.

For comments goto :-
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Cannon_1 (v1.1)

This is the standard Cannon_1 project.
Updated to use custom graphics, reusing some
of the graphics from my Delphi projects.
I also added a simple scoring system, explosion graphics and sound.

For comments goto :-
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Hyperion_Level_Designer (v1.0)

This is a Level Designer for the Hyperion Project.
The levels are saved as a compilable C# (.cs) file,
which can be used as a direct replacement for the Hyperion Project "level.cs" file.

A sample "level.cs" file is included as well as the Hyperion.exe built using this level.

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